Private Placements of Debt & Equity Capital

As a FINRA-member firm, Watermark assists clients in raising debt and equity capital to finance: growth, recapitalizations, business expansions, acquisitions and partner buyouts. Our financings take the form of: senior debt, subordinated debt, preferred stock, and common stock. We raise capital from third parties and do not maintain a Watermark fund. Sources of capital consist of: accredited investors, super angels, angel groups, institutional debt funds, mezzanine debt funds, private equity funds, and venture capital funds. Our sources of capital are nationwide and have been established through cultivating relationships over the years of our careers with funds that have a broad set of criteria by which they invest. In fact our database includes over 700 funds nationwide that will invest throughout all stages of a company's life cycle: from seed capital, all the way to debt placements for mature staged companies.

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